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This article contains spoilers from Supergirl Season 2.

Lynda Carter is best known for her iconic portrayal of , but the legendary actress has been receiving praise for her guest stint on The CW's where she plays the president of the United States, Olivia Marsdin.

As one would expect, Supergirl paid tribute to Carter's time as Wonder Woman during her first appearance on the show, including a little nod to the Invisible Jet. However, there was a far superior Wonder Woman moment in the latest episode — you would have thought you had spun right back to 1976 when watching it.

During Carter's final scene in the episode, titled "Distant Sun," her Supergirl character Marsdin delivered some cold words to J'onn J'onzz via satellite before revealing her true alien form — but that isn't what we're interested in; it is Carter's look that is of importance here.

Carter Paid Tribute To Her Diana Prince Look

Carter's look resembled that of her Wonder Woman character. [Credit: CBS/The CW]
Carter's look resembled that of her Wonder Woman character. [Credit: CBS/The CW]

During the scene in which Marsdin confronts J'onzz, Carter is sporting her signature Diana Prince look that she made famous back in the 1970s. With Carter wearing a white suit and her hair pulled back into a vintage '70s style bun, there is no doubt that the Supergirl creators were paying tribute to the role that made Carter a household name.

While Carter is commonly associated with her Wonder Woman character, it was actually the Diana Prince disguise that became somewhat of a fashion statement during the '70s. When CBS relaunched the series, moving the action from the '40s to the then-present '70s, the Prince character sported an unforgettably chic look.

This look was accompanied by the bun hairstyle seen below that has since become synonymous with the superhero disguise — even Kara sports a version of the style while working at CatCo.

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

The '70s iteration of Prince was very much a product of her time and the signature bun hairstyle reflected that. Seeing Carter sporting the look on Supergirl brought tears to our eyes, and she looks as phenomenal as she did back when Wonder Woman was airing. Unlike the Wonder Woman series, however, Supergirl did not conclude with Carter's signature smile; instead she transformed into an alien!

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Carter Also Communicated Like Her Old Boss

[Credit: CBS / The CW]
[Credit: CBS / The CW]

In Wonder Woman, Diana and her Inter Agency Defence Command colleagues would often receive their mission from a higher authority known as "Sir" that would communicate with them via a television screen. It appears that Supergirl also adapted this technique for the Marsdin character, as she only communicated with the DEO via a large screen, giving out her orders and commands.

It's also worth noting that the president's emblem that appeared onscreen following her video call is reminiscent of the emblem used for "Sir" follwing his transmissions in Wonder Woman. Coincidence? I think not.

[Credit: CBS]
[Credit: CBS]

The CW is no stranger to acknoweldging the accomplishments of actors who paved the way for the current shows, but little nods like this are always appreciated by those of us who loved the classics. Gal Gadot may have picked up the mantle for the next generation — but this little easter egg proves that Lynda Carter is still Wonder Woman for many of us.

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW.


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