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The Arrowverse is getting even bigger this year with the addition of Melissa Benoist's Supergirl to the superhero mix. Her inclusion into the universe comes courtesy of a network shift from CBS to The CW. During her first season, the Girl of Steel lived in a separate world from Flash and Green Arrow and, so far, it's not clear whether Flashpoint will be merging their worlds.

What is clear, though, is the fact that Supergirl is now part of The CW and to commemorate that, Superhero Fight Club 2.0, the sequel to the extremely well-received Superhero Fight Club, is here. Check it out:

There are obviously a lot of things worthy of notice in this new footage and really, the first we have of the heroes together, so let's break it down:

There's Already Great Chemistry Between The Heroes

When crossovers occur, you have to make sure that the characters you are merging have great chemistry to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Fortunately, that seems to be the case here from the very beginning. It tricks us into believing this will be a dark experience but immediately showcases the fun banter Green Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl have between each other and later with the other heroes. It works perfectly because of their chemistry, thanks partly to the off-screen relationship the actors share.

When The Flash/Supergirl crossover happened, Melissa Benoist said this about her and Grant Gustin getting along:

“He’s so fun, it was really just a good time. I think both of us feel the same way about how we want a set to feel and what it means to lead a show the way that we have to, in the positions that we’re in. I think we have really similar outlooks and it was fun to swap stories about how hard this job can be, the difficulties and challenges, but also how rewarding it is. We can’t believe that both of us are doing what we’re doing.”

I'm glad The CW is taking this approach as the heroes meeting, fighting each other and then making amends approach has been explored multiple times. It's nice to see them getting along from the start. Also, a quick note: One of the most obvious things about Green Arrow in this universe is his resemblance to Batman and Supergirl just told him how to take her and Superman down... Just sayin'.

Welcome To The Jungle, Baby

Guns 'n' Roses' "Welcome to the Jungle" perfectly showcases what's going on here. It's not just an awesome song to get your blood pumping while you're fighting killer spheres, but also works as a metaphor for Supergirl. She's stepping into a crazy world, one full of superheroes and villains, so she'll have to step up her game from her first season.

Martian Manhunter Isn't Part Of The Fight

The Martian Manhunter is here but he isn't part of the superhero team exercise. Why is that? Does it mean we won't get to see as much Martian Manhunter in Arrow, Legends and The Flash? Or is it just his nature to take a back seat to these kind of events and let the youngins handle it? In December of last year, actor David Harewood was asked about whether his Manhunter would take a more hands-on approach to trouble or stay in the background. This is what he said:

"There’s a wonderful flight sequence, where—I mean, you’ve got to remember that he hasn’t used all of these powers for many years because he’s been reforming the D.E.O. and pretending to be somebody else, so I think the revelation is as much a kind of weight off his shoulders as anything."

This may be an indication that we won't see the Martian getting into as much trouble as the rest of the heroes. We'll have to wait and see if that's the case and if that approach works.

She's Back!

That's right, the one representing all of us fans in an actual superhero world is back to be awestruck by her favorite superheroes. The most interesting aspect and another clue that the two worlds will merge is that she's carrying a Catco Worldwide Media box. The company is owned by Cat Grant, Kara Danvers' boss in Supergirl. But as a simultaneously funny and concerning note: In the first Fight Club, she was seen holding a Palmer Tech box. Does that mean Ray Palmer fired her? Shame on you, Ray!

Supergirl Is The New Team Savior

With so many new baddies coming to their respective seasons, the heroes will need someone to get them out of trouble when their abilities simply aren't enough. In past seasons, that character was The Flash. Now, he's passing on the mantle to Supergirl (or at least sharing it), telling her, "Looks like you're our new team savior!" Supergirl was living in a parallel world the last time Barry and her crossed paths, so does her new "team savior" title mean we will actually get a merging of their worlds?

"Never Ask For More Fight Club"

What do you get when you break this fundamental rule? A giant monkey with an above-average IQ that has a hate-on for humans. For those of you who don't know, this is Gorilla Grodd, one of Flash's greatest enemies, who we've seen in Season 1 and Season 2. The best part about his appearance in the new Superhero Fight Club is that this is a tease for his appearance in Season 3.

Now, he will get a two-episode arc involving Gorilla City. Producer Andrew Kreisberg said this about his involvement:

“Yes, we’re going to be doing a two-part episode that takes place in Gorilla City.”

This leaves me curious about something: Considering his appearance in this video, is the storyline involving Gorilla City a crossover between Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and Supergirl? I don't know about you, but I'd love to see that.

Where Is Superman?

Come on, we all felt it: Superman's absence. Tyler Hoechlin is making his debut as the Man of Steel in Supergirl Season 2 and that obviously makes him a part of the Arrowverse, so why wasn't he in Superhero Fight Club? There are a couple of possibilities: The first one is that perhaps Fight Club 2.0 started production before Hoechlin was cast as Superman.

The second one is that Supergirl is the one being merged with the Arrowverse, so it's understandable why The CW didn't want to take focus away from her by including the Big Blue Boy Scout in this footage. This isn't a Man of Steel 2 turns into shared top billing in Batman V Superman sort of situation — it's still Supergirl's show. Supes is just visiting it. Hopefully, though, we'll get him interacting with Green Arrow and The Flash soon.

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There you have it, that's Superhero Fight Club 2.0. I love being able to see our heroes interact this way and I still can't believe we are in an era where it's possible to see Supergirl fighting alongside Green Arrow, The Flash, The Atom, Firestorm and White Canary and it gets me all the more excited to see what's in store for us and the Arrowverse. What about you?

Are you excited for all the superhero craziness coming to The CW? Who's your favorite superhero in that universe?

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