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Superman has been, and always will be, one of the most compelling superheroes. Popular long before the rise of comic book cinematic adaptations, Kal-El is a personification of hope, a superhuman who resonates on many levels. Although his furore into the DCEU (portrayed by Henry Cavill) hasn't exactly set the world alight, the Last Son of Krypton is still arguably the shared universe's biggest attraction.

Zack Snyder introduced his interpretation of in Man of Steel (2013), before tragically killing him off in Batman v Superman (2015). But it's not the end. Superman will return in Justice League, in some form, and fan's thirst for more of the character never diminishes.

Until Cavill graces the screen again, the character has become a focus for some impressive fan art. A recent creation by artist Houseofmat is so good, Warner Bros. may even want to take notice. Inspired by traditional Kryptonian armour — worn by the likes of Jord-El, Zod and Faora in the — HouseofMat has beautifully crafted a photoshop transformation that wouldn't look out-of-place in a big budget setting. Check it out below:

The Death And Resurrection Of Superman

The future of Superman in the DCEU is uncertain. Kal-El dies while defeating Lex Luthor's genetically-modified beast in Batman v Superman, in a selfless act that provides the catalyst for Bruce Wayne to form the . Although most of the focus of Snyder's next offering will be on the formation of the team including Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg, Superman is braced to return from beyond the grave.

That has led to speculation that Snyder may be following the "Death of Superman" comic book storyline, fuelled by Henry Cavill teasing the alternative black suit on Twitter. But however he returns, and whatever outfit he wears, it's safe to say Superman's comeback will be celebrated. He is, after all, one of America's most iconic superheroes.

Would you like to see Superman wear traditional kryptonite armour in Justice League?

(Source: Houseofmat Instagram)


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