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Every movie has its carefully guarded secrets. For the MCU, it's how each film connects to Infinity War. For Star Wars, it's the story behind Rey's abandonment. And for the budding , it's whether Superman will rise from the dead to appear in Justice League. Or rather, this last mystery has now become a question of how, not if, Superman will appear in the anticipated team-up movie.

Despite director Zack Snyder's protestations, we all know that Superman will swoop in to save the day in , even though the Man of Steel has been conspicuously absent for the marketing campaign. Until now, that is. A new Lego set has not only unveiled our first decent look at Stepphenwolf, the main antagonist for the movie, but it also features Superman fighting alongside his super-pals.

Lego usually make sets to tie into movies by depicting various sequences so kids can replay them at home — they've done this for the Quinjet scene in Age of Ultron, Rey's time as a scavenger in The Force Awakens, and many more. Recently, they even revealed Ares as the main villain for Wonder Woman in a similar tie-in Lego playset.

This Justice League scene shows some notable details:

  • The Batmobile can fit inside the Flying Fox
  • The League seem to have traveled off-world
  • They're fighting Stepphenwolf and his minions
  • Flash is using his lightning throw move
  • Superman is totally alive and blasting people with his eyes

But we're still left speculating exactly what this means for Superman's role in the movie.

Superman joins the League in concept art. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Superman joins the League in concept art. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Many people are assuming that the lack of Superman in the Justice League marketing mean is pulling a Luke Skywalker, with Supes probably not appearing until the very end of the team-up movie. However, others think that this is just a case of burying the lead, and that the mystery of whether/how Superman returns is just a way of building hype, meaning Superman is quickly resurrected and appears in most of the film.

Where's Supes? Read On:

The Lego set may have settled this debate. This battle sequence looks very similar to the one we saw in the Justice League trailer and it seems to be the climactic third act of the film. If Superman is there, then it's a fair bet to say that his resurrection will happen earlier on in the movie, allowing him to team up with his friends for the final battle.

However, Lego sets aren't always accurate: The Quinjet scene from Age of Ultron features Black Widow not Cap, and we're still waiting on the Mandarin to smash through the MCU on a tricked-out golf buggy. So, maybe Lego are just doing their part to tease the Superman mystery and build Justice League hype. We'll find out in November!

Tell us in the comments: What are you most excited to see in Justice League?

Just give me the Bats and Supes bromance already. [Credit: DC]
Just give me the Bats and Supes bromance already. [Credit: DC]


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