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The "Invasion!" crossover has come to a close, leaving us all eager for more team-ups in the near future. was one of the strongest parts of the four-episode event, as her bubbly persona perfectly complemented Oliver's melancholia and Barry's guilt over Flashpoint.

And of course, Kara's strength and super-abilities were a huge boon to the team, so if there's a potentially world-ending problem in the future, the Arrowverse Super Friends know who to call.

Felicity's on that catchphrase game. [CW]
Felicity's on that catchphrase game. [CW]

In most regards, Earth-1 and Earth-38 (Kara's home) seem to be almost identical. And yet, no-one on Earth-1 has ever heard of Supergirl — or Superman for that matter. This is something that has been baffling fans ever since the first crossover between Supergirl and : Are Superman and Supergirl secret heroes on Earth-1, or do they just not exist in this universe? Now, thanks to the Invasion! crossover, we may have an answer.

Dominators Invade Krypton

Back in The Flash episode, Kara mentioned that she was aware of who the Dominators were because they attacked Krypton decades previously.

"They came to my planet before I was born. They did experiments on a lot of people, killed a lot more..."

This was the only time Kara mentioned the Dominators, which is a shame as her episode in the crossover arc dealt with Project Medusa: An alien-poisoning bio-weapon that was probably created to prevent another Dominator invasion. Considering the delicate situation between aliens and humans on her Earth, it's likely that Kara didn't want to hand over such a dangerous weapon to people she barely know. Still, it would have been good if the "Invasion!" crossover had addressed this — especially as the Dominator invasion of Krypton may be the reason there's no Supergirl or on Earth-1.

Here's the theory: Krypton was actually conquered by Dominators in Earth-1's universe. For some reason, when they attacked, the Kryptonians couldn't defeat them. This would explain why Superman and Supergirl never made it to Earth in this universe, as the Dominators overran Krypton long before it was destroyed.

A Galaxy Run By Dominators

In the "Invasion!" episode, one Dominator explains to Cisco that they've already wiped out multiple threats on other worlds — and it's entirely possible that Krypton was one of them.

Cisco and Nate "Vibe" up to the Dominator ship. [CW]
Cisco and Nate "Vibe" up to the Dominator ship. [CW]

"We have seen this happen on countless other worlds, which is why we must exterminate your kind — before the scourge of your planet becomes the scourge of ours."

This could also explain why there are no other aliens on Earth-1, unlike Earth-38 which has a thriving underground alien community. Perhaps in the Earth-1 universe, once the Dominators conquered Krypton they made their way throughout the galaxy, wiping out any threat to their dominion. But in Earth-38's universe, the Kryptonians managed to beat the Dominators back to their homeworld, saving many more planets in the galaxy from Dominator invasions.

Right now this is just a theory, but we may find out very soon if it's true, because the Dominators will appear later on in Supergirl Season 2.

Supergirl helps her new Super Friends out. [CW]
Supergirl helps her new Super Friends out. [CW]

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, exec Andrew Kreisberg hinted that we'll see the Dominators again later on in Supergirl — but he wouldn't say whether these are the Dominators of Earth-1's universe, or Earth-38's.

"I will say this is not the last you’ve seen on the Dominators. [They] will return on Supergirl later this season."

So it looks like we may soon discover what the status of the Dominators is in Kara's universe, whether Project Medusa was instrumental in ensuring Krypton's safety — and whether the Dominators are the reason Superman and Supergirl don't exist on Earth-1. Here's hoping!


Do you think the Dominators destroyed Krypton in Earth-1's universe?

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