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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Season 2 of Supergirl.

Supergirl had a hugely successful first season over at CBS and it established the character of Supergirl as a separate character who could fend for herself without the aid of her more famous cousin . After accomplishing a great feat for the female superhero, the second season of the show — now on The CW — has decided to use the Man of Steel.

While there were initial fears that the Kryptonian superhero could potentially over shadow his cousin in her own show, the Season 2 premiere established a great relationship between the two characters and made it rather evident that there is room enough for them both.

Their loving family relationship was perfectly depicted and Tyler Hoechlin's Superman is everything the character should be. The partnership between Kara Danvers and Clark Kent has made me yearn for more appearances from the Man of Steel as it's rather obvious that the pair are now the greatest duo on television at the moment.

Kara And Clark Have A Great Relationship

Clark and Kara have a common bond. (via The CW)
Clark and Kara have a common bond. (via The CW)

While I did enjoy Smallville, I think Supergirl has done a much better job at capturing the loving relationship between Clark and Kara. Throughout the first season of Supergirl, Kara often mentioned how she felt alone in the world and, apart from the odd Instant Messenger comment, she never really spent much time in the company of her super cousin. From Hoechlin's first appearance opposite Benoist's Kara, the chemistry was undeniable.

Hoechlin's Superman is incredibly down to earth and his relationship with his cousin is one of equality. Clark doesn't take a high and mighty tone with Kara and he doesn't scold her for being incorrect. Ignoring the odd humorous tease, the pair seem incredibly close and I really like that Clark actually sees Kara as a bit of an inspiration — so many previous adaptations have had the relationship the other way around so it's really awesome to see Supergirl being the watchful protector for once. It's an important rite of passage for Supergirl and Superman to team up and it looks like The CW managed to pull it off incredibly well.

Sharing an awesome moment with her cousin. (via The CW)
Sharing an awesome moment with her cousin. (via The CW)

They Work Really Well As A Team

They give a whole new meaning to Superfriends. (via The CW)
They give a whole new meaning to Superfriends. (via The CW)

Supergirl did a great job of establishing Kara as a solo crime-fighter during the first season and on many occasions she proved her worth by defeating the bad guys. The Season 1 finale saw her defend the whole planet when the human population — as well as her powerful cousin — succumbed to Non and Indigo's evil plan. Although she did team up with The Flash and Martian Manhunter on occasion, Kara usually dealt with the crime aspect of the show on her own.

Even though Season 2 has just begun, I think the premiere episode managed to show how great Supergirl and Superman can be as a crime-fighting duo. Within moments of encountering each other, the pair were able to decide on the spot what was necessary to bring the Venture to safety without harming the passengers or anyone on the ground below. They are evidently great at teamwork and the delegation among the two superheroes was done in a speedy fashion. Their speed and agility make them the perfect team — one can disarm or distract while the other takes out the threat. What more could one want from a crime-fighting duo?

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Clark's Presence Inspired Kara

He's an inspiration too, you know. (via The CW)
He's an inspiration too, you know. (via The CW)

The first season of the hit show was about Supergirl coming into her own. The second season is attempting to help Kara discover who she is in the world, other than her crimefighting alter-ego. While Cat Grant certainly inspires Kara, it was Clark's presence in National City that allowed her to realise her potential as a reporter — her cousin is so good at his day job and this allowed her to realize that reporting is exactly what she wants to do with her life too.

Being a reporter is a great move for the show too as it will allow Kara to keep her ear to the ground and gain intel on any ongoing crimes and/or investigations. I said earlier about how Kara has inspired Clark but it's clear that Clark also inspires Kara and hey, isn't that what a great team should do?

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With many great TV duos at the moment, including many others from the CW's such as the Arrow and The Flash to Angus MacGyver and Jack Dalton as well as Gotham's Penguin and Nygma, it was always going to be tough to compete. However, Hoechlin's Superman and Benoist's Supergirl have managed to fly their way to the top of the list. From the pair's chemistry to their awesome crime-fighting skills and technique, I think has found its greatest dynamic duo. Let's hope Clark sticks around National City for a little while longer.

Supergirl airs Mondays on The CW. Are you a fan of Tyler Hoechlin's Superman? Be sure to tell me your thought in the comment section below.


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