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After a season of teasing Superman's presence but never actually showing the Man of Steel, Supergirl finally teamed up with her cousin in the Season 2 premiere. But Clark has his own city filled with people who need saving, so he sped away in Episode 2 not to be seen again — at least, until his inevitable return in the finale.

Superman's return was reported a few weeks ago, and he seems set to battle Zod when the evil Kryptonian general, Cadmus, and Rhea all attack National City at once. We've already caught a glimpse of Zod wrecking havoc in the streets, and now more leaked photos show Tyler Hoechlin ready to leap into action as .

Unfortunately, no set photos have been released yet that include Hoechlin in full Superman mode, but he does seem to be part of the same sequence that Zod is involved in — could those silver-armored goons be part of Zod's army?

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We still don't have an official synopsis or title for the Season 2 finale, but it has already been revealed that another old favorite will be returning to National City to help Kara in her current crisis — Callista Flockhart's Cat Grant will appear in the finale as well as . Personally, I'm hoping for more scenes of the two flirting...

Hoechlin's Superman was an excellent albeit short-lived addition to the show, as this version of the Man of Steel proved to be everything we wished his DCEU counterpart was — compassionate, witty, and upbeat, rather than dour and brooding. His dynamic with Melissa Benoist's Kara, as well as the rest of the cast, was excellent and we can't wait to see more from him.

Of course, Superman's not stopping by for a social visit. The last few episodes of Season 2 will see Rhea enact her grand plan for revenge upon Supergirl. Right now, the details of this plan are shrouded in mystery, but my money's on the Daxomite queen being behind the unexpected appearance of General Zod. And yet, Cadmus' involvement in this is very perplexing. Is Lillian Luthor working with Rhea, or is she just taking advantage of Supergirl's distraction to enact a plan of her own?

We have a few more weeks to go until we find out, but so far the finale is promising to be one of the most exciting episodes of Supergirl yet!


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