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Now, ' ever-expanding , the cinematic home of the likes of , and the upcoming , may not have won over every comic book fan out there just yet, but that doesn't mean the folks behind the scenes aren't trying their damnedest to turn that around. After all, while many fans have objected to the DCEU's darker tone, and others to its distinct lack of fun, both of those elements look set to be (at least somewhat) addressed in this year's Justice League and Wonder Woman.

For fans who simply don't think the new movies can live up to Warner Bros' past triumphs, though — in particular Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Richard Donner's — it would seem there's relatively little that anyone over at Warners can do, short of making "better" movies.

Except, perhaps, for this:

1978's 'Superman: The Movie' May Have Just Become Official DCEU Canon

'Superman: The Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Superman: The Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

That, at least, is one possible interpretation of a newly unearthed Easter Egg from 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Y'see, intrepid Redditor @halast recently noticed that the movie is hiding a decidedly sneaky nod to the 's legendary first cinematic outing. Specifically, this one:

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros/Reddit/@halast]
'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' [Credit: Warner Bros/Reddit/@halast]

In it, a newspaper headline reads: "Superman Shifts Tectonic Plate; Prevents Devastating Earthquake"

Which, if you've seen Superman: The Movie lately, will likely seem awfully familiar, seeing as that's pretty much exactly what he does during the course of that film, foiling a dastardly Lex Luthor plot in the process. The big question that raises, then?

Is 'Superman: The Movie' Now (Sort Of) Part Of The DCEU?

'Superman: The Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Superman: The Movie' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

After all, it seems that at least one of the key events of the movie did officially take place within the DCEU's alternate timeline, suggesting that others may well have done the same.

The only problem? It very, very much isn't part of the DCEU. For one thing, Superman: The Movie was made close to four decades earlier than the DCEU-beginning Man of Steel, and was used only as a provider of source material, something made clear by the plot of the latter movie being so similar to the original's first sequel, . What's more, pretty much everything that happened in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman makes the idea of Superman: The Movie being canonical entirely impractical, not least the emergence of Lex Luthor as a villain in Batman v Superman, long after Superman would have moved that tectonic plate.

So, sadly, Superman: The Movie isn't now a canonical part of the DCEU, but on the plus side, the DCEU now officially contains one more nod to Superman: The Movie.

Which is nice.

What do you think, though? Should Warner Bros find a way to unify its DC movie universes in one continuity? Let us know below!

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