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Matt Carter

The word on the street (or should that be blogosphere) is that Man of Steel is going to rip it up when it lands in theaters in a few months. An advanced screening over at Warner Bros. headquarters has set tongues wagging that it could be a contender for movie of the year and now a second review for the superhero flick has come online that claims the action in the film is both plentiful and kick-ass. posted:

The action is great in the movie. There is fair bit of it. It feels like The Matrix. By that, I mean it's quite over the top. This is good because it's Superman. There are a lot of little touches that are shown by Henry Cavill which give more gravitas to the vulnerability of Superman. Moments where he's shaken or staggered. They're just cool moments. The action is both slow and fast which gives an effect of something superhuman occurring.

Superman laying the smack down and generally being super? Take my money off me now, I'm all in.

You know what is also great about this update? It gives us the chance to watch this clip again. Take it away Neo.

Man of Steel swoops into theaters June 14th.



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