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One of DC’s most loathed romances has finally reached its end — or did it never exist?

That would be the relationship of Superman and Wonder Woman, which was introduced in the Justice League comics during the New 52. The series' creative team, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, expected outcry from readers on the pairing, and the eyebrow-raising they hoped for was achieved. Not only was the romance forced, but many believe it took away the "human" element of both heroes. Larger-than-life, super-powered individuals work better with mortal love interests — it brings them back to Earth which is more relatable to the audience. Considering Clark's popularity, many believed that Diana was characterized as simply a love interest at this time, and the Amazon Princess deserves more than that.

Let's fast-forward to , the recent four-issue tie-in with Superman and Action Comics in particular. During a face-off with Mr. Mxyzptlk, Jonathan Kent merged the pre-Flashpoint ghosts of Lois and Clark with their New 52 selves. This fused the characters' continuities together, with some elements remaining canon and others being erased completely.

Action Comics #976 outlined the events that still exist in the main universe:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Since confusion lingered about which of Clark's events survived, Action Comics' scribe, Dan Jurgens, confirmed on Twitter that the and romance is officially wiped from the timeline:

It looks like fans who opposed the couple are finally getting their long-awaited wish. It's undeniable that Lois and Clark are a better match, anyway.

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