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On , Sam Winchester is no stranger to family quarrels and daddy issues, and overall, has a pretty dark family history. As for Jared Padalecki, the real-life guy who plays him, though? Let’s just say Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s John Winchester could learn a few things from Jared Padalecki’s fantastic fathering skills.

Padalecki’s wife, former Supernatural co-star (neé Cortese), recently posted on her blog a letter from daddy Jared to their children. It was around Father’s Day, and it’s all sorts of great. Adorable, sweet, funny, heartfelt…you name any of Sammy Winchester’s qualities, and that’s what Padalecki’s letter to his kids is.

Read a snippet of it, and try not to gush at least once, I dare ya.

thank you for letting me feel what its like to love something more than yourself.

you’ve taught me more than any mentor or teacher ever could.

i have your back. now and always. though, i should warn you, sometimes “having your back” will mean not letting you do something you think you want to. or, maybe it will even mean “scolding you” when you’re doing something dangerous, or “correcting you” when you’re frustrated and lashing out, or not quite being who your mother and i know you can be.

What. did. you. DO? [Credit: The CW]
What. did. you. DO? [Credit: The CW]

The letter starts with him saying how he wanted to change things up this year from the usual Father’s Days, where the fathers are praised and thanked. Instead he wanted to thank his kids for many, many things, including these gems:

thank you for making me clean my truck more often (again, did your mother put you up to this?)

thank you for sharpening my lizard-catching skills (i was world-class when i was your age).

thank you for making me attempt warm-up-free wind-sprints midway into my thirties.

thank you for making me remember why its so important to drive slowly through neighborhoods.

thank you for creating art that is worth more to me than any Warhol or Picasso.

Any other fathers out there can relate so much to all of that. We now keep a sharp eye out for little people in neighborhoods. We show off what little we have left of our athleticism with running after our kids, lifting kid-weights, and maybe even attempting a trick or two on that brand-new trampoline, knowing fully well how badly it could end. And the walls in our work area have been wallpapered with our babies’ masterpieces, because who wouldn’t want to look at puppy dogs, farting ponies, and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day?

Okay, so my kids are probably the only ones who draw farting ponies.

Supernatural tears [Credit: The CW]
Supernatural tears [Credit: The CW]

Read the full letter here in all its mushy, gushy goodness, and be prepared for the urge to grab the nearest kid and give them a big ol' hug. If they're not your kids, just...don't make it awkward.

—yes, TWELVE!—returns this fall on The CW.


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