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Brothers Sam and Dean Winchester ( and , respectively) did the unthinkable and chose one another instead of choosing to close the Gates of Hell at the end of Season 8 of . So in the ninth season of the CW's stalwart series, the brothers find themselves in a whole heap of trouble: Angels. Demons. Everything else in between. They have to fight them all, and things aren't about to get easier with the addition of a huge secret Dean is keeping from Sam regarding why Sam survives the events of the Season 9 opener.


I spy with my little eye a certain character called Death who has returned. Does Dean make a deal with Death to keep Sam alive? It certainly looks like it. Considering the brothers had just made a deal to be more open and honest with each other at the end of last season, then yeah, that's a rather huge bombshell of a secret for Dean to keep from Sam.

We'll find out what, exactly, the promo is teasing when Supernatural Season 9 airs on the CW on October 8.

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