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Now that Season 12 of has come to an end, the dust has settled, and (hopefully) every fan of the show has stopped rioting, it should be safe to talk about the future of the show. But, before we got into that, a small warning.

Note: This article contains spoilers for Supernatural and The Flash.

So. Supernatural. Season 12 finale. And the second to last episode of The Flash's third season. Holy crap, right?

No names will be mentioned, but just like the penultimate episode of , there were some MAJOR deaths. Two or three fan-favorites on Supernatural appear to be dead and gone, and one huge character on The Flash has apparently been taken from us. I use the words “appear to be” and “apparently” for a reason; on both of these shows, death is often not very permanent.

The big spoiler I do want to discuss is the discovery of a parallel world in Supernatural, the doorway to which was opened by the son of Satan while he was waiting to be born.

About that: fans of both shows, let me get an amen if you think Season 13 would be a great time for a....

Crossover Between The Flash & Supernatural

Now, before some of you get your torches and pitchforks, just hear me out. In terms of television shows crossing over, it's not that far out there, really. Supernatural has almost crossed over with Smallville in the past, and there has been a not-so-subtle reference to a certain someone named Lucille in the show, as well. Just recently, it was even announced that would feature the crime-fighting, ghost chasing Scooby-Doo! Not all of those are full-blown crossovers, of course, but close enough to get the fandom excited.

But how could it work, you might ask? Here's how.

Metas & Monsters

The Flash has metahumans, and Supernatural has supernatural things that go bump in the night. Is it that farfetched to think they could write an episode that puts the Winchesters up against some meta-monster, with the help of Team Flash? Or vice versa?

Come on, you know you want to see a shapeshifting king weather wizard shark vampire.

Same Network

This one is easy. airs both shows, so there would be less paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo to deal with, had it been a crossover between two different networks.

Parallel Earths Exist In Both Shows Now

This is the big one. Now that Supernatural has shown that portals can be opened by a certain super-powered evil young man, it's just that much closer to a possible crossover arc with The Flash's Earth-1. Or Earth-2. Hey, maybe the Winchesters are on Earth-27; who knows? How fun would it be for Team Flash to discover the same world that Bobby, Mary 2.0, and Lucifer are on, right around the same time that Sam and Dean find a way back to that world? Just in time to team up, kill demons, and eat some pie!

Just Think Of The Fun

The Flash & Supernatural [Credit: The CW]
The Flash & Supernatural [Credit: The CW]

You'll have Barry and Wally, with all their speed, but with Sam and Dean being Sam and Dean, they'll definitely be able to pull that off.

may be over with, but the season finale of The Flash is this Tuesday! Will there be more death? Will the dead stay dead? Only time will tell!

Does this make you excited about a possible crossover between The Flash boys and the Supernatural boys? Or did I just royally piss a whole lot of fans of both shows off? Either way, let me know in the comments!

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