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After teasing us on Twitter and Instagram multiple times in the past year, and have finally had that crossover episode fans of both shows have been screaming for!

Okay, so it's not quite that exciting. But there was a guest star on this week's episode of Supernatural, "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell," whose appearance was brief, but is sure to get both fanbases going berserk!

You saw it here: Lucille! Or, at least, 's replica of 's weapon of choice. In the episode, Dean had just returned to the bunker after beating a siren to death, apparently with the same weapon Negan likes to use on certain red-headed sergeants and pizza delivery boys on The Walking Dead.

This isn't the only time we've been teased with something like this, though. Back in October of last year, this epic crossover-smashing conversation went down on Twitter:

It turns out, Jensen may have actually been using an actual prop instead of a random barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat he found lying around, and he was saving it for , Episode 15.

But Wait, There's More!

And in yet another moment that teased all of us who are dying for a crossover between Supernatural and The Walking Dead, or Supernatural and , or really, Supernatural and ANYthing, snagged a selfie of him and a certain red-headed sergeant and posted it on his Instagram for the world to see just a few hours ago:

And apparently, he tagged the wrong JDMorgan. Sorry about that, Jessica.

Thanks to Dean Winchester's Supernatural dad, John Winchester, and The Walking Dead's Negan both being played by , fans of both the shows will, once in a while, get treated to a sight like the one above.

The cast members of both shows are fairly well know for their tomfoolery, so seeing Jensen giving the stinkeye and reporting him to his daddy Negan is just another day on the internet for fans of the shows.

It really begs the question, though; will there be an actual crossover between the two shows someday? If there are two total badasses who could survive the zompocalypse, it would be the Winchester boys!

Because, you know...

Was this the crossover you were hoping for? Or are you chomping at the bit for even more now? To the comments! Or, even better, go to Jensen's or Jeffrey's Twitter and let them know!


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