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Greek filmmaker is an up and coming name in the horror world. His 2004 film Hardcore caught the attention of none other than horror master , eventually landing Iliadis the job of helming brutal revenge flick The Last House on the Left.

His latest project, however, is one the horror junkies here at Moviepilot are excited about. It looks to be a completely new twist/mash-up to the age-old question, "Would you change the past if you could?"

Being brought to us by IFC Midnight, +1 follows three college friends as they head to the party of the year, with each looking for something different: Love, sex, or simple human connection. But when an electrical disturbance disrupts the party, that's when things start to go wrong. As each of them searches to find what they're looking for, the strangest night of their lives quickly descends into a primal fight just to stay alive. But it's not monsters, or slashers, or aliens they must outwit - it's themselves.

The new trailer is here. Check it out:


I'm kind of digging the whole teen party movie-meets-alien body snatchers vibe happening here. What about you? I know you horror hounds will have an opinion about it, so let me hear 'em.

+1 will be hitting theaters in a limited release on September 20.

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