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Do or do not, there is no try..
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Twelve seasons on air is a testament to a show's success, and CW's Supernatural is just that. Every storyline has thrust Sam and Dean Winchester into the bowels of Hell, or the perils of Heaven. They have died, and come back to wreak havoc on all things that go bump in the night. However, Sam () and Dean () have suffered immense loss, and have come to terms that they will die in this life — possibly giving us a grim look into what the series finale may look like.

The story of John, Mary, Sam and Dean Winchester has taken us on a rollercoaster of tragedy, so much so that you forget the importance of this great family within the cosmos of things in the universe. I mean, God has even written books about their trials. The popular show has finally added a piece of the puzzle long withstanding from the 11 seasons prior: the inclusion of Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), the first mother of supernatural hunting in the story's main timeline. When she interacts with her sons, Sam and Dean, the scenes are filled with so much emotion and gravity that it fills the spot left void by the absence of John Winchester ().

Now, fans beg to ask the question: "When we will see the return of John Winchester?" Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is currently raising all sorts of hell on AMC's The Walking Dead and it's unclear when he will be available to return, although he has left the door open to come back. He would be the final piece of the puzzle and I suspect we will hopefully see the full Winchester family back together again before they tell the final story.

They Had Some Fun On Twitter

Jensen Ackles and Jeffery Dean Morgan poked some fun at each other with Negan's bat "Lucille" on Twitter, bridging the gap between the two shows. Hopefully the joyful banter will build up to a long-awaited reunion, something can't wait to see!

Let's hope we see a story next season that leads us to the first time the Winchesters will be together again in a current story timeline because Sam and Dean Winchester have definitely earned it (as well as their fan base).

What adventure would you like to see the reunited Winchester family go on?


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