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's , set for release next year, got fans everywhere excited when the first trailer hit the internet. While many aspects of the film were kept secret, such as fight sequences with the Rangers suited up and their iconic Zords, it did reveal a new aspect that was not featured in the original .

From the trailer, it is made clear the Rangers will possess superpowers outside of their suites. We clearly see super strength, the ability to jump great distances, invulnerability and some sort of heat power being displayed. While superpowers were not given to the original Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini or Zack, Rangers from other series have had their own superpowers. In this article we will look at all the superpowers the Power Rangers have possessed and why this is going to be a good addition for the upcoming film.

21. Sixth Sense

Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki
Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki

Merrick, the Lunar Wolf Ranger from , possessed a sixth sense that allowed him to sense things the other Rangers could not. This helped him and his team on several occasions. This ability was also what allowed him to sense the presence of others hiding near him, be them good or bad.

20. Super Memory

Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki
Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki

Rose, the Pink Operation Overdrive Ranger, had an ability some may not consider a superpower, simply due to its lack of grandeur: a super memory. When your series is focused on finding clues and connecting the dots to get the treasure before the bad guys, a super brain is (needless to say) a vital asset to accomplish your mission.

19. Psychometry

Image Credit: Heroes Wiki
Image Credit: Heroes Wiki

Now this may be a superpower that many have never heard of before. Bridge, the Green SPD Ranger (and later Blue then Red), possessed this ability, which allowed him to sense the aura of anyone or anything within a certain radius. This ability forces him to wear gloves or he would constantly sense aura uncontrollably around him. This might explain his quirky personality.

18. Molecular Alteration

had a true princess in Sydney, the Pink SPD Ranger. However, she had perhaps one of the coolest superpowers of any Ranger. Simply by holding a material, she could alter her body to turn into the same material. She can literally become steel, rock or even diamond simply through holding it. This automatically increased the devastation behind her punches when in a fight.

17. Molecular Amplification

Image Credit: Den of Geek
Image Credit: Den of Geek

This ability may sound unfamiliar to many, but chances are many will have seen 's use this ability himself. Jack, the Red SPD Ranger, had the ability to phase through objects. This gave him an edge over his enemies and allowed him to gain access to places the other Rangers could not.

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16. Cybernetic Enhancements

Image Credit: Power Rangers
Image Credit: Power Rangers

Dillon, the Black RPM Ranger, is a cyborg! Having been captured and experimented on by Venjix prior to the start of the show, he is riddled with Venjix technology. This enhances his strength, speed and durability, making him the strongest of all the Rangers from .

15. Super Speed

Two past Rangers have had the power of super speed. Connor, the Red Dino Thunder Ranger, was the first Ranger to receive the ability, followed by Ronny, the Yellow Operation Overdrive Ranger. This gave both a wider field to attack enemies and an edge if they needed to escape an attack.

14. Camouflage

Image Credit: Rangers ∞ by rangersentaicaps
Image Credit: Rangers ∞ by rangersentaicaps

Trent, the White Dino Thunder Ranger, gained the ability to camouflage, which allowed him to conceal himself. But the ability was showcased far more by the antihero Camille, the Green Chameleon Warrior from . Using the ability, she would surprise the Rangers and even use it to get herself into a position to gather information.

13. Animal Communication

Image Credit: Morphin' Legacy
Image Credit: Morphin' Legacy

Both Maya, the Yellow Lost Galaxy Ranger, and Cole, the Red Wild Force Ranger, grew up in wild environments. Maya came from the forest planet of Mirinoi and Cole grew up in the jungle, which naturally resulted in both being able to communicate with animals. Both were from series with sentient Zords. Maya would talk to the Galactabeast from while Cole would talk to the Wild Zords from Power Rangers Wild Force.

12. Super Senses

Image Credit: Power Rangers
Image Credit: Power Rangers

Will, the Black Operation Overdrive Ranger, gained the abilities of super hearing and super sight. While both powers may not seem all that fantastic to many, it comes in handy when your job is being the world's best break-in artist. This results in no facility being devised that can keep him out of any lock that he can not get through.

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11. Super Strength

Image Credit: Power Rangers Fanon Wiki
Image Credit: Power Rangers Fanon Wiki

Don't let her sweet personality confuse you. Katie, the Yellow Time Force Ranger, could literally crush you with her bare hands. She is super strong and can lift great weights with ease. She was the true powerhouse from . Mack, the Red Operation Overdrive Ranger, is also super strong. However, unlike Katie, he is an android until the end of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

10. Invisibility

, the most iconic of all gained the ability to turn invisible when he became the Black Dino Thunder Ranger in . Rose, the Pink Operation Overdrive Ranger, also has the ability of invisibility. Both gained massive advantages when it came time to sneaking around the bad guys to get to their true targets. Unlike the camouflage ability, their power of invisibility was much harder for a foe to see through.

9. Super Agility

Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki
Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki

Dax, the Blue Operation Overdrive Ranger, has the ability to jump great heights and maneuver far more than any other Ranger. He uses these abilities to his advantage, and if he can get his foes feet off the ground he will end the fight quickly. This ability also comes in handy as his professional career as a Hollywood stunt man.

8. Force Fields

Image Credit: Morphin' Legacy by morphinlegacy
Image Credit: Morphin' Legacy by morphinlegacy

Schuyler, "Sky," the Blue SPD Ranger (and later Red), can create force fields to protect both him and his team. Obviously these fields are blue in color (we couldn't break from his trademark color). Tyzonn, the Mercury Operation Overdrive Ranger, is a Mercurian from the planet Mercuria and could also create force fields. Unlike Sky's, his were silver and more liquid in appearance.

7. Impenetrable Skin

Ethan, the Blue Dino Thunder Ranger, gained unbreakable skin from his energem. Using this ability, he could take foes more head-on than his fellow Rangers. It also allowed him to put something extra into his punches. The ability also boosted his confidence more as he was an easy target for bullies before gaining it.

6. Self-Multiplication

Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki
Image Credit: Power Rangers Wiki

Ever wished you could be in two places at once? Well Elizabeth "Z," the Yellow SPD Ranger, can. She has the ability to create multiple copies of herself. Handy if she is ever outnumbered in a fight, she can literally create a team of herself if the other Rangers are nowhere to be seen.

5. Teleportation

Image Credit: YouTube
Image Credit: YouTube

Sam, the Omega Ranger from Power Rangers SPD, was sent back from the future to aid the Rangers. This caused him to become locked in his suit. However, the team did encounter Sam as a child, who demonstrated an ability to teleport objects. The question of him being able to teleport himself and people was never answered, but he was like the other SPD Rangers and genetically altered.

4. Sonic Scream

A sonic scream tends to be thought of as a superpower that is not overly impressive. Thankfully, Kira, the Yellow Dino Thunder Ranger, proved a sonic scream is deadly when used properly. Her scream could knock any foe to the floor and even level a local area to nothing more than rubble.

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3. Psychic

Image Credit: timeforce.powerrangersgateway
Image Credit: timeforce.powerrangersgateway

Trip, the Green Time Force Ranger, is actually an alien. Coming from Xybria, his race all have a jewel on their forehead and all are psychic. This makes him extremely trusting as his race have no secrets at all. It took him awhile to learn it is not polite to read non-telepathic race's minds, but his kind heart always helped him make a smooth recovery.

2. Telekinesis

Image Credit: Flickr
Image Credit: Flickr

Andros, the Red Space Ranger and his best friend Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger, from come from KO-35. The inhabitants of the planet have all learned how to unlock the potential in their minds, granting them access to telekinesis. Ashley, the Yellow Space Ranger, did ask to be taught how to do it herself, but never managed to master the ability. When Andros's sister Karone, the second Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger, also presumably had the ability, but never displayed it.

1. Element Manipulation

The most common power in Power Rangers is the ability to manipulate the elements. When Rangers have had this ability each Ranger controls a different element so that the teams have a wide mixture to use in combat. To date, and have done this.

Ninja Storm

  • Shane (Red) — Air Manipulation
  • Tori (Blue) — Water Manipulation
  • Dustin (Yellow) — Earth Manipulation
  • Hunter (Crimson) — Thunder/Lightning Manipulation
  • Blake (Navy) — Thunder/Lightning Manipulation

Mystic Force

  • Nick (Red) — Fire Manipulation
  • Charlie "Chip" (Yellow) — Thunder Manipulation
  • Madison (Blue) — Water Manipulation
  • Vida "V" (Pink) — Wind Manipulation
  • Xander (Green) — Wood/Earth Manipulation
  • Daggeron (Solaris Knight) — Sun Manipulation
  • Udonna (White) — Snow/Ice Manipulation
  • Leanbow (Wolf Warrior) — Fire Manipulation

It is a simple fact that viewers love a superhero when they have the ability to shoot fire from their hands or to summon lightning from the sky, so it shouldn't be to big of a surprise to discover more than one Ranger has had power over an element.

Why It Will Work In the New Movie

Typically, Rangers with superpowers have been something to appear in later years of Power Rangers, the majority of which when produced the show. With the new movie being aimed at older audiences, it only makes sense for them to increase the power behind the Rangers for a more dynamic and dramatic story. Watching a fistfight is all good fun, but add in some superpowers and you are set for a roller-coaster of a fight.


What do you think of the Power Rangers having superpowers in the upcoming movie?


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