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David Latona

Size is not a modern-day obsession, however counter-intuitive it may seem. Since the days of pharaohs and spanning up to the yet-to-come infinite 'futures' depicted in the science fiction genre, size does matter: as a rule of thumb, the bigger you are, the more powerful you tend to be (exhibit A: the Death Star). Of course, that does not make you invulnerable (again, see Death Star), but at least you can capture the imaginations of millions of cultured fans who love to compare, contrast and analyze any detail referring to their favorite fictional universes.

As a boon to those fans, we have compiled some of the most accurate size comparison charts on the Internet, so everybody can visualize side-by-side pictures of objects that would otherwise never, ever share the same screen. Lo and behold, a rare look at the huge scales the fantasy and sci-fi genres have to offer (you can enlarge the images by clicking on them):

Spaceship size comparison chart (Dick Loechel)

Movie monsters size comparison charts (via imgur and lord-phillock)

'Star Trek' spacecraft comparison charts (Tim 'Suricata' Davies)

'Stargate' ships (Mallacore)

Sandworm size comparison chart (Dan Meth)

Biggest mouths in sci-fi and fantasy (Stephanie Fox)

And finally, just for kicks (and because it's pretty awesome):

Star size comparison chart (via Quantrek)



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