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No Star Wars debate has raged quite as hotly as the one surrounding Supreme Leader Snoke. The enigmatic and heavily disfigured villain only appeared intermittently in The Force Awakens – and as a hologram at that. Yet fans have still desperately debated his identity ever since the first part of Disney's new trilogy released in theaters worldwide: Who is Snoke? What can he do?

While fans are no closer to uncovering his identity, they are beginning to get a sense for what the Supreme Leader is capable of.

Supreme Leader 'Choke': Familiar Force Abilities

Pictures from the upcoming book ‘Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know’ recently leaked on Reddit, revealing key pieces of information about characters and locations due to appear in . Chief among those was a tease about Snoke’s Force abilities:

“Among Snoke’s many frightening powers are telepathy and Force chokes and throws.”

His mastery of these familiar Force abilities will come as a surprise to nobody, given the recurring rumors that advocate Snoke as a more powerful entity than any other Star Wars villain that’s come before. Yet the Darths are in the details, and outlining these iconic powers suggests that audiences will witness Snoke exercising them onscreen in The Last Jedi.

Star Wars theorist Mike Zeroh discussed how Snoke might display these particular Force abilities with the Express:

“If it were my guess, he would definitely use the Force choke and Force throw against General Hux, because he was the one responsible for keeping everything in order – especially when it comes to Starkiller Base.”

This is wholly believable, as the Force choke is often used onscreen to punish displeasing underlings. Darth Vader had no qualms about choking out subordinates that disappointed him, and Kylo Ren appeared to have inherited that trait from his Grandfather – but now it seems that this could be something he learned from Snoke.

The Force Awakens Symmetry Confirmed?

As for Snoke’s telepathic abilities, Star Wars readers have had the edge over movie fans for quite some time. In the novelization of The Force Awakens, when Rey has Kylo Ren at her mercy she hears a disembodied voice urging her to, “Kill him.” Theorists have long believed this voice belongs to Supreme Leader Snoke, reflecting the destructive nature of the Sith – particularly the fateful words of Senator Palpatine as Anakin Skywalker has Count Dooku at his mercy.

This moment of temptation for Rey wasn’t included in The Force Awakens as the plot already left several threads dangling. and introducing an ethereal voice in the climactic moments might simply have served to confuse the audience. However, this new leak strengthens the idea that Supreme Leader Snoke is already attempting to manipulate Rey to the Dark Side.

This is a classic Star Wars conundrum that was shaken up with Kylo Ren’s struggle during The Force Awakens, and if Rey is destined to be tempted by the Sith – or its new era variation – then The Last Jedi could become a revolving door of Light and Dark turns. Theories surrounding the title of the movie support the idea that these traditional notions are on the way out of the Star Wars saga, but with a villain as calculating and powerful as Snoke, it’s unlikely to be a smooth transition.

Supreme Leader 'Smoke' & Mirrors

The discussion about Snoke's identity relies heavily on leaks and suggestion, but many of the most popular leaks are being confirmed by official merchandise as the release of The Last Jedi draws ever closer. Snoke's golden attire, his Praetorian Guard, and his powerful black Kyber Crystal ring were all rumors before Disney released concrete information confirming them. The biggest comment that doesn't hold its blue milk comes straight from director . According to Vanity Fair's David Kamp, Johnson was up front in saying that Snoke isn't a character that is explored in depth throughout The Last Jedi. However, given the information fans now have about the character, it seems safe to say that this isn't exactly true.

Many fans are still expecting to pull off an enormous twist pertaining to Snoke's identity. In the absence of that, the Supreme Leader still seems set to play a crucial role in The Last Jedi, despite potentially misleading comments from the director. Snoke didn't appear in the first trailer for the upcoming sequel, but with a new trailer slated to release at some point in mid-October, it's about time fans got to see a live-action look at the opulent villain in action.

Do you have your own ideas about how Snoke could use these Force abilities? Sound off below!

Source: Reddit, Express


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