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I always thought the World of Warcraft movie would be a slow moving beast. We only recently heard that Moon director had taken over the reins, and I certainly didn't expect to see footage for the game-to-movie adaptation at this year's Comic-Con. However, I've been spectacularly proven wrong as some test footage for World of Warcraft, (or simply Warcraft as it now appears to be titled) was debuted during the Warner Bros. and Legendary Comic-Con 2013 panel presentation.

As with most Comic-Con footage, there is a strict lockdown on the videos hitting the web prematurely. So unfortunately, we only have text descriptions of the teaser.

According to ScreenRant, the footage was shown to fill time during a 'delay' in the proceedings. This meant that no one in the panel initially knew what the footage was for. CinemaBlend called the test-screen footage a faithful recreation of the game, describing it thus:

Warrior roaming an empty desert with a shield on his back. Greenish sky is covered by dark clouds and lightning. He sees a pile of armor on the ground and lands down to pick up a shield. He then takes his sword and beats it against the shield, as though calling someone out. We then see a green beast from behind holding a giant hammer. The two circle each other and then both charge. As they are about to collide the title appears: Warcraft.

ScreenRant went into even more detail:

The footage begins in a desert setting, with large rock formations creating what seemed to be a barren battle arena. There's greenish light from part of the sky. There’s an armored man getting himself pumped up for battle. He unsheathes his sword and it's very loud against the quiet breeze.

The man notes a skeleton near him and picks up the dead soldier's shield, then taps his sword against his shield. We see a slow-moving panning wideshot as we glimpse the rear torso of a large figure.

The shot keeps moving and the weapon of the beast revealed to be an Orc warhammer. This is where the Hall H crowd goes nuts and at least some are beginning to piece together what this mysterious footage is for (after thinking at first it could have been from 300: Rise of an Empire).

The soldier sidesteps in the background — there's a lot of distance between them. They begin charging and we get third-person view of the sprinting Orc and as he brings the hammer down we see the soldier's perspective raising his shield as the massive hammer from the massive enemy crashes down.

The “mood piece” teaser cuts there and the animated WARCRAFT logo displays. Crowd goes wild.

Duncan Jones briefly came on stage to reiterate the movies 2014 release date and explain he was very busy preparing the shoot the movie.

There appears to be no clear indication online what the actual footage was. Was it an animated storyboard? A proof of concept? Live-action? Or something purely created for Comic-Con? But with Jones announcing we was preparing to shoot, we can probably guess it was merely an animated sequence unrelated to the actual script or story.

What do you think? Has this Comic-Con footage persuaded you Warcraft is in safe hands? Let me know below.

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