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There are many reasons to proclaim Susan Sarandon a shining beacon of human reason and dignity in these strange times. Starring in movie classics such as Thelma and Louise, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dead Man Walking, she's bonafide Hollywood royalty, and now playing classic Hollywood megastar, Bette Davis, alongside Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford in FX's new Series, Feud, she's proving she's still the supreme queen of the big and the small screens.

However, something you may not know about Susan is that she also believes Donald Trump is starting a revolution, and it's happening right under our noses, without us even realising it.

Trump Has Exposed All The Cracks In Our System, And Now The Light Can Get In

The Hunger [Credit: MGM]
The Hunger [Credit: MGM]

In a recent interview with Vulture, Sarandon seemed to directly reference her role in lesbian vampire thriller, The Hunger, by stating that Trump's ascension to presidency has allowed light to flood in through the "cracks in our system" and awaken political protestors lying dormant within. Going on to celebrate Trump's brash tactlessness for apparently all things, she went on to state:

"Now we have a guy who is so clumsy and so obvious that suddenly people are awake, and that’s a very good thing."

"Do You Want To Call It A Revolution? Certainly"

Going "on the record" to publicly state that she thought Donald Trump was a "horrible person," Susan, a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter, praised the the fact that due to Trump's inability to be covert or subtle, that there was much more transparency "because he's so obvious."

Asking whether she thought that this awakening counted as a revolution Susan stated:

"Do you want to call it the revolution? Certainly, there are many more people, because of Bernie Sanders, that are running for these local offices."

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While Obama is honoured by most left leaning journalistic sources as being a good president, especially in comparison to Trump, Susan highlights that his "cool" persona meant that most people overlooked a lot of the policies he was putting in place, and now, they're becoming more politically awake:

"A lot of people who were quiet over the last eight years, because we had a cool guy president in, are now noticing where banks are spending their money."

"There’s No Progressive Party Anymore That Represents The Working People"

Thelma & Louise [Credit: MGM]
Thelma & Louise [Credit: MGM]

Sounding a lot like Trump in the presidential debates, Susan argued that the Democrats lost the election because they ignored the voice of the country:

"The Democrats didn’t pay attention to the bottom; they didn’t pay attention to the country, and now the country is taking over."

Consequently, she believes there is no progressive party that truly represents the wants and needs of the working classes. The result however has been a resurgence in small-town political engagement, and this Susan states, is a wonderful and really healthy thing:

"When you see these town-hall meetings where people are going and holding their representatives responsible and demanding answers — that, to me, is a revolution; you’ve never seen that before. That’s a really, really healthy sign."


Do you agree with Susan that Donald Trump is starting a revolution?


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