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Matt Carter

Have you had your fill of fully-grown superheroes, complete with all the excess baggage and cynicism that comes with them being a proper adult? Well Antboy might just be the tonic for you. Based on Kenneth Bøgh Andersen’s books, Antboy is a kooky Danish movie directed by , which centers on a young kid who gets bitten by an ant and develops special powers. A sort of Scandinavian Ant-Man Begins if you will. The movie is set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and the first trailer has landed.

Give the Antboy trailer a look and see what you think:


Antboy looks like it has a lot of heart and reminds me tonally of the excellent Son of Rambow.

The movie is still waiting on a U.S. distributor, but with the superhero genre dominating Hollywood's output at the moment, hopefully we'll be seeing Antboy sometime in 2014.



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