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Oh Ian Somerhalder! Your chiseled cheekbones might get pulse rates soaring but it's your dogged devotion to your furry friends that really turns hearts to treacle. Or, turns stomachs with it's sickly sweet sincerity.

When naughty little Nietzsche managed to get herself unexpectedly knocked up, Somerhalder leapt to the challenge of becoming Grandad to a litter of pups.

Both and his ex-girlfriend, attended the birth of the five bundles of furry joy back in October, but now the pups are all grown up. The pitbull cross puppies might have flown the nest, but their doting Grandad still has plenty of time for them.

Somerhalder took to Instagram yesterday to share a picture of him cradling one of his favourite pups with his assistant, Jessica Ramsey.

Ian Somerhalder has a serious case of puppy love

As if the adorable image of the chestnut coloured pup nestled into Somerhalder's stacked arms wasn't enough, the star also shared a caption to tug at the heart strings or, gag reflexes depending on your disposition:

One last one, I couldn't help myself — me and @thejram holding one of the sweetest creatures on the planet. I cut this little girls umbilical cord. We raised This creature with @polivierjr from in the womb — I played classical music on headphones over Nietzsche's belly for them, sometimes Jazz. NEWS FLASH — PIT BULLS ARE THE MOST LOYAL AND LOVING DOGS ON EARTH — IT'S THE SHAMELESS AND DEVOID OF COMPASSION IDIOTS THAT HURT THESE ANIMALS AND GIVE THEM A BAD NAME. Love a Pit Bull, you'll see;)

Did you make it through that paragraph without having to reach for the smelling salts or, did you have to desperately fight the urge to spray your screen with a torrent of vomit?

Somerhalder's tendency to overshare might be as soppy as a room full of aunts getting their mitts on a newborn relative but, there is no denying his litter of grandpups are unbearably cute.

While the star's earnest tirades gushing love and rainbows might make my cynical black heart wince, the pics below have me cooing and stroking the screen with delights.

So, take my hand and lets go on a walk down memory lane and relive the most awwww-inducing moments of Somerhalder's perfect pups.

Who can blame Nietzsche for being such a proud Mom?

Snuggles with Grandad! Ian Somerhalder looks genuinely overjoyed. Bless!

Swoon inducing cuddles as Ian Somerhalder says goodbye to his newly homed grandpup.

If these perky little pitbulls haven't got you reaching into your pockets to donate to Somerhalder's charity drive to save rescue dogs, I don't know what will!

Would you follow Somerhalder's example and pick up a rescue mutt?

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