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This article contains mild spoilers for the upcoming TV adaptation of American Gods.

In case you weren't psyched enough for the visual adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, the reviews from its first public foray should be enough to make you jump aboard the hype train, stat.

Premiering its venture into the wild world of battling , the Starz show seems to have garnered nothing but a unanimous thumbs up from all in attendance. Even the notoriously hard-to-please Ian McShane, who stars as Mr. Wednesday has given it his coveted stamp of approval:

“I’d just like to say that’s the first frame I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen any of it before and I thought it was f—ing amazing. Really. I was riveted. I’ve seen nothing like it.”

The first hour of footage apparently follows Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) as he's released from jail and finds himself traversing a weird new reality littered with mysterious deities. Not shying away from attention-grabbing scenes, the pilot episode takes us through a number of WTF moments, including one particular sex-scene that sees a man consumed whole via a vagina. Yes, really.

Here are just a few of the Twitter reactions from the SXSW debut:

1. It's A Total 'Mind F**k'

2. Fans Will Not Be Disappointed

3. Gorgeous Cinematography

4. It's Like A Narrated 'Acid Trip'

5. Written By Fans For Fans

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But rest assured that this is not just a step-by-step adaptation, there's plenty of new content to keep die-hard Gaiman fans on their toes. During the panel, Whittle hints that we're "really not going to know where we’re going, which way we’re going, or which way is up or down" — which essentially mirrors his character's sense of reality in the novel.

Not only that, but the female characters will be much more present on-screen than they were in the book. Showrunner Bryan Fuller teased:

“We’re very excited to expand on several of the female characters. The book tends to be a sausage party. We’re very excited to have these ladies on the show with these fine gentleman.”

Given that Gaiman's novel was published in 2001, the show has been updated to serve the current political climate, too, with topics surrounding immigration and race relations at the forefront. Co-creator Michael Green explains:

Green: “It celebrates a lot of things that we love about America that have recently become odd about America."

Fuller: “It’s definitely a different show than we set out to make because the political climate in American shat its pants … so we have a strange new platform to start a different conversation.”

And, last but not least, their SXSW panel revealed that Emily Browning, who stars as Laura Moon, Shadow's widow, will be playing a secondary character: Essie Tregowan. Fans will remember Essie as the protagonist in the tale of how Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) came to America. Watch the reveal below:

American Gods airs on Starz April 30th.


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