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It seems like summer was just yesterday but already October is just around the corner, which can only mean one thing: Halloween fever is about to come to town! We love Halloween because it's a time for picking outfits, putting up decorations and a reason to eat candy for dinner (as if you needed one); however, and probably most importantly, it provides the perfect excuse to watch some quality horror movies and shows!

Syfy — the channel that brought you Z Nation, Battlestar Galactica and Van Helsing — will be celebrating their annual "31 Days of Halloween" from October 1st with brand new horror shows alongside classics, as well as a whole host of other demented treats.

Check out the trailer for Syfy's new show Channel Zero below:

So before you get surrounded by friends dressing up as Harley Quinn and the Joker at your Halloween party, you can get in the mood by treating yourself to some real, bone-chilling thrills. We're going to take a look at all the horror about to burst out of Syfy's crypt this October for their annual festival of gore and terror.

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Premiere Of Original Horror Channel Zero: Candle Cove

Syfy has dived into the deepest recesses of internet horror fiction (a.k.a Creepypasta stories) to produce a new series called Channel Zero: Candle Cove. This six episode mini-series comes from the twisted minds that brought us Hannibal and Chronicle and premieres on October 11th. The story focuses on a child psychologist (Paul Schneider) who returns to his hometown to investigate the disappearance of a group of children 20 years earlier. He discovers the mysterious children's TV show that aired at the same time and stumbles into the dark rabbit hole of Channel Zero.

If this sneak peek at Channel Zero doesn't freak you out, I don't know what will:

One Month Of Non-Stop Horror, Old And New

To stoke the flames of this deranged month of horror, Syfy will also be premiering some classics such as Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland, Drag Me To Hell and Wrong Turn. As if that wasn't enough, every Saturday during the 31 Days of Halloween festival, an original Syfy horror film will be unveiled. So turn off all the lights and get ready because we've rounded them up for you below:

1. The Crooked Man

  • Premiere date: Saturday October 1st, 9/8c
  • Cast: Jai White, Amber Benson
  • Synopsis: Legend has it an ancient evil is summoned by singing a simple nursery rhyme. When the Crooked man is unleashed upon an innocent family, they must do whatever it takes to escape his fatal grasp.

2. Day Of Reckoning

  • Premiere date: Saturday October 8th, 9/8c
  • Cast: Jackson Hurst, Heather McComb
  • Synopsis: 15 years ago, Earth suffered a day of reckoning where demons were released from hell to purge the planet of evil. David Shepperd (Jackson Hurst) fights to keep his family safe from the demons who now run Earth.

3. Stake Land 2

Check out the trailer for the first Stake Land below:

  • Premiere date: Saturday October 15th, 9/8c
  • Cast: Nick Damici, Connor Paolo
  • Synopsis: In the devastation of a post-apocalyptic world, a young orphan (Paolo) teams up with a vampire hunter simply named "Mister" (Damici) to bring down the reign of their blood-sucking overlords.

4. Shadows Of The Dead

  • Premiere date: Saturday October 22nd, 9/8c
  • Cast: Taylor Jorgensen
  • Synopsis: A malicious beast ruins spring break for a group of teenagers when he begins hunting them down like prey.

5. The Night Before Halloween

  • Premiere date: Saturday October 29th, 9/8c
  • Cast: Bailee Madison, Anthony Lemke
  • Synopsis: When kids discover a book of incantations, they let loose an evil curse that will haunt them forever unless they find someone else to transfer it onto.

I Wish It Could Be Halloween Every Day

Syfy has pulled out all the stops to remind us all that Halloween is the funnest holiday of the year. Accompanying their nightmare-fueled programming with a spate of social media events to get you — the viewers — involved, Syfy's social team will be running competitions for the best costumes (try and avoid Suicide Squad themed outfits to win originality points) and the best Halloween decorations. This festival of horror will be capped off with exclusive access to the Greenwich Village Halloween parade on October 31st via Syfy's Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. So pull out your bags of candy, start designing your outfit and brace yourselves for a month of the finest horror.

Who (or what) will you be dressing up as this Halloween?


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