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UPDATE (4/20/2017): Warner Bros. has removed the leaked Krypton trailer from the web, but keep your eyes out for a new trailer in the future. Read below to discover some juicy moments the trailer leaked. Krypton premieres in later this year in the fall.

Prequel comic book TV series have had their ups and downs. Between and , many things in Batman's and Superman's origins had to be changed in an attempt to make a more satisfying series but in the end, the show's didn't properly portray the two iconic characters. Now, the SyFy channel looks to change the game with , and fans are able to get their first look at the new series today.

Our First Look At The 'Man of Steel' Prequel TV Series 'Krypton' Released

The first teaser has been released onto Vimeo and by the look of the it, it looks like we are in for a joy ride. The 90-second tease focuses on Superman's grandfather and the time period where he forged the legendary House of El. For a TV series, the visual effects appear to be on-par with and the DCEU films. Speaking of which, it also looks like Krypton will be the first TV series to tie into that universe directly.

The biggest reveal for this trailer had to be the house of El's crest. At first, this appears as nothing more than a neat shot, but if you look closer, you will recognize the style of the recognizable symbol as it is the same one Henry Cavill's from Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wears on his chest. If that doesn't persuade you, the key is the same one featured at the beginning of Man of Steel.

'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Man of Steel' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

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This is a very exciting reveal and it lines up with many of the rumors we have heard for the past year. The show obviously doesn't directly lead into the movies besides the prologue in Man of Steel as it takes place in the distant past on a planet in another galaxy. With this unique concept and not having the focus on characters we have already learned to love, this show could actually be really successful. Even though almost everyone virtually forgot about Krypton's existence, this first trailer for the tie-in series has certainly intrigued most of us and we now have another live-action comic book property to look forward to in the fall.

What do YOU guys think of the trailer? Is it a good thing that the show is connecting to the DCEU? Tell me below!


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