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If The Conjuring isn't your type of ghost movie, maybe the follow up to SyFy's Sharknado will be more up your alley. Capitalizing on the success of their surprise shark hit, they're adding a supernatural surprise to the dangerous fish theme. It's called Ghost Shark and like Sharknado, it's exactly what you think it's about. Just in case you're confused, here's the synopsis (via

"When a young girl’s father mysteriously vanishes in the Gulf of Mexico, she becomes obsessed with finding the truth behind his disappearance, only to discover that the culprit is not only inhuman, but the ghost of a vengeful Great White Shark. Now she must convince the local authorities to trust her wild claims and identify the origins of the spectral predator if she wants to save her friends and family from the unstoppable killing machine."

The movie will be released on August 22.


I just want a Sharknado sequel asap, to be honest.

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