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As Doctor Who legend and currently in the role of wizard Radagast the Brown inThe Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, is pretty rad. Because you can't spell "Radagast" without "rad", see...

(Fun fact: My editor loves it when I make punny jokes like that. Yep.)

The veteran actor recently opened up in a candid and funny interview with Digital Spy about what it's like to play such an eccentric character, his friendship with , and how he once ended up at a Star Trek convention by mistake.

As it turns out, he and his Hobbit character of Radagast the Brown are not so different:

Well, he's an eccentric old hippie, really - and I was an eccentric young hippie! Now I'm old… maybe I'm still an eccentric hippie. There's a wonderful freedom in the eccentricity - you can go places, you can be wacky and you don't have to be constrained. I think that's why people are eccentric - eccentricity is a weapon… and it's great!

And did his preexisting friendship with Ian McKellen help them onscreen while filming together? McCoy definitely thinks so:

Yes, I suppose so. Film actually is a very strange thing - you can fly in, get off the plane and climb into bed with somebody you've never met - and that's weird! Also, film is so magical in the way it gets right inside you…

You can see dishonesty on film so easily, so if you've got a relationship, you don't even have to play it. It's just there and I think that makes it rather good. I mean, I haven't actually watched it too carefully - but it must be a bonus, to have people that know each other and are that relaxed with each other.

And as for comparing the passion of the Doctor Who fanbase to the Star Trek one, he wasn't about to play that game:

Oh gosh, no! No, no, they're all passionate - and Star Trek fans are equally passionate! I once went to a Star Trek convention by mistake - I thought I was going to a Doctor Who one."

It was very early on in my Doctor Who-dom. I was asked to go to this convention, but there were two conventions going on… and the one I went to was a Star Trek convention. I'm surprised the Doctor Who fans ever forgave me!"

And what did he do amongst the Trekkies?

Well... I just kind of chatted.

Awesome. Check out the full interview here. It's definitely worth a read, as McCoy is a delight and so very charming.

The Desolation of Smaug is due to hit theaters on December 13th, so stay tuned and click [[follow]] to keep up to date on what's going down in Middle-earth.


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