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An all-new kind of physical endurance test is coming to Netflix. is executive producer on an all-new obstacle-based show in which he asks contestants to try and tame "The Beast." Let's explore this upcoming Netflix original, inspired by the likes of Ninja Warrior.

Ultimate Beastmaster is a new breed of the televised obstacle course trend. Since the likes of Takeshi's Castle and , the genre has gotten rather stale. is attempting to revive it with their own take on the format.

The most standout feature of is that it seems to bring a legitimacy that was not present in its predecessors. As we can see from the trailer, there is almost an element of team sport. Contestants are competing for their country as a team. This is a huge step from the days where you could just turn up in a dinosaur costume and fall flat on your face for the audience's amusement. There is more of a professional air to it than Ninja Warrior.

'Ultimate Beastmaster' [Credit: Netflix]
'Ultimate Beastmaster' [Credit: Netflix]

The course is nicknamed "The Beast," hence the title of the show. There is clearly a lot more drama to this one. There are some impressive athletes performing on this show — even an olympic gold medalist was intrigued by the challenge. He is a far cry from the beer-belly types you used to see on Takeshi's Castle.

Terry Crews co-hosts alongside Charissa Thompson and are set to hit your screens on February 24th.

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