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Matt Carter

Tai Chi Hero is the latest martial arts steampunk blockbuster from the guys that gave us 2012's Tai Chi Zero. The movie tells the story of the early years of tai-chi master Yang Luchan. Here's the official synopsis:

Lu Chan (Jayden Yuan) is on the verge of acceptance in Chen Village, but the cozy hamlet still stands in the shadow of danger. A prodigal brother returns, Lu Chan brings a curse on the town, and Yuniang’s scorned fiancée has an appetite for revenge, as well as some new partners in crime. The second in a trilogy from the creators of IP MAN and DETECTIVE DEE, action directed by the legendary Sammo Hung, TAI CHI HERO is a steampunk-infused kung fu throwdown that will knock you out of your seat.

Consider yourself contextualized. Here's the booming trailer for you to enjoy:


The fight choreography done by the legendary (IP Man) so expect Tai Chi Hero to deliver a knockout blow when it hits theaters April 26th.


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