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If you've spent even a minute on the Instagram page of Kiwi director Taika Waititi, you can already tell Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel's third Thor movie, will not really be a Marvel movie. With indie movies such as What We Do In The Shadows and the recent Hunt for the Wilderpeople, both acclaimed by fans and critics alike, Waititi wasn't necessarily the obvious choice to direct a piece of the MCU puzzle, but he was an excellent one nonetheless.

Here are a few examples of his delightful online weirdness:

  • That time Waititi made a video about what Thor was up to during the events of Civil War:

  • That time he was shameless about sharing a massive spoiler with his followers:

  • And that time he was the most serious worker on set:

While the Russo brothers, who directed Civil War, are more into sharing mysterious-looking set pictures and group photos on their social media, Waititi's crazy and amazing personality clearly shines through on every post, defying all the stereotypes on indie directors being crushed by the blockbuster studio machine.

Taika Waititi's Reddit AmA Gives Us A Few Hints As To What Thor: Ragnarok Will Be Like

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

It's proof that Waititi was able to bring his vision to the third Thor movie, even though he had to fit within the continuity of the Asgardian's adventures and the overall MCU. Recently, he confirmed his commitment to pushing his own creative ideas in a Reddit AmA, where the answers he gave showed he wasn't all too worried about making a movie with the standard Marvel recipe.

Here's what we've learned:

1. Ragnarok Is More Of A Taika Movie Than A Marvel Movie

"Expect a Taika-esque tone."

2. It's Going To Be Crazy

Ragnarok will be one of the "most out there of all the Marvel movies."

3. It's Going To Be Funny

Thankfully, Waititi put Hemsworth's comedy skills to good use.

Remember this?

4. Waititi Didn't Try To Fit Ragnarok Within The Rest Of The MCU

Sometimes, the best way to do your job is just to ignore how everyone else would have done it.

5. Like, He Really Didn't Try

No f*cks given.

6. After All, He's Probably The First MCU Director Who Hasn't Seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier

So they don't have mandatory viewings?

7. Bruce Banner Is The Best Character

Did you miss Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner? It seems like you'll get a run for your money.

8. And Dr. Strange Might Just Be Referenced

Even directors who aren't too worried about the overall MCU wouldn't resist making a reference or two to its other movies.

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Are you happy with Taika Waititi's approach to 'Thor: Ragnarok'?

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