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Eszter Simor

Writer and director has released the first set picture from his untitled romantic comedy. and are the leads, but they'll appear alongside , , , , and .

We do not know very much about the details yet, other than it was initially titled Deep Tiki, it has been in production for 22 days in tropical Hawaii, and that Emma Stone will play the role of a pilot as you can see below.

Cooper plays a washed-up military contractor who has been assigned to work on a secret satellite launch in Hawaii. Disillusioned by his employers, he recruits a (beautiful) Air Force pilot (Emma Stone) to help him sabotage the procedure. While carrying out this mission, he simultaneously also tries to arrange his private life and attempts to renew his relationship with his lost love (Rachel McAdams). McAdams and Cooper are both rom-com veterans; will they be united as a couple in this film? Will Cooper's character reconnect with his former sweetheart or will he fall for the new blonde?

The characters are far from ordinary, but how off-beat will this comedy be? If the director of Jerry Maguire and Almost Famous is true to his usual self, we can expect something very unconventional.

(via Indiewire)


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