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It seem's the box office success of 's Oz The Great and Powerful has opened the floodgates for Wizard of Oz-themed ventures. Basically, TV executives have smelled money and they're chasing it like a pack of cash-crazed bloodhounds.

According to Screen Crush, the first idea to leave the starters blocks is a "Game of Thrones-style" series set in the land of Oz. Called Red Brick Road, the series will be set in an alternate-reality Oz in which an evil Queen has taken over the once happy and cheery land. According to the official Warner Bros pitch, it will explore the notion that "Dorothy went down the yellow brick road. So where did the red brick road go?"

From the sounds of it, the Red Brick Road will lead to Game of Thrones-style "politics, intrigue and violence". However, is this really the right tone for L. Frank Baum’s family-friendly land of Oz? It seems like Warner Bros will have to exercise some serious artistic license to make Oz anything like Westeros.

But Warners isn't the only studio planning to visit Oz. Universal has already green-lit a Wicked adaptation, while it seems Disney is already gearing up for a sequel. According to The LA Times, this isn't all they have planned. Disney also apparently has at least three other Wizard of Oz film and musical ideas which could potentially be revived.

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