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Mark Newton

This Saturday is promising to showcase an intriguing Doctor Who episode, tentatively titled 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS'. As you can figure out from the title, the episode will see the Doctor and Clara exploring previously unseen areas of the weird-space-time-flying-police-box-thing.

Apparently, a bunch of space scavengers some how manage to capture the TARDIS and haul it on board their ship. The Doctor must race against time to free his vessel and rescue Clara who (in an Alice in Wonderland-like fashion) has wandered down into the depths of the TARDIS. Take a look at some stills from the episode below, but beware, major Doctor Who fans might be able to spot some spoilers.

(via Giant Freaking Robot)

Are you glad to see more of the mysterious TARDIS finally revealed? Let me know your opinion below.


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