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With survival skills that put Aron Ralston to shame and better aim with a crossbow than Cupid could ever dream of having, The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon () is understandably a fan-favorite, and one of the most kick-ass dudes to ever grace our TV screens.

Good news for us today, then, because we've just learned (via that another Daryl toy is on our way from MacFarlane Toys, available to take home from March 2014.

This time, Daryl will be presented alongside his iconic motorcycle, the very first vehicle to make its way into the Walking Dead line of toys. He also comes with his hunting knife and his crossbow, so he can protect you from all those miniature zombies...

I don't know about you but judging by this image of Daryl's new counterpart, this looks like the best sculpt I've ever seen for an action figure. It's basically Reedus, but 165cm shorter.

Will you be taking The Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon home with you? Let me know what you think about this merch in the comment section below!



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