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Tino Jochimsen

The evildoers of the world apparently still haven’t learned their lesson: Someone is getting Brian Mills alias Liam Neeson and his special set of skills all worked up again!

After the massive success of part 1 and 2, Taken 3 moving full steam ahead, with director Olivier Megaton returning to the director’s chair. Megaton already helmed Taken 2.

Also returning is, of course, the main dish of the action dinner, the original Irish hunk, Liam Neeson. His on screen daughter, Maggie Grace, will also be back. Deadline somewhat cryptically mentions other returning cast members, so I guess Famke Janssen will return too.

(The Last King of Scotland) is in talks to become the first altogether new cast member.

Here’s hoping the Oscar winner plays the villain. It takes a scenery chewer of Whitaker's stature to stand up to Neeson.

Any thoughts on this? Are you happy that Brian Mills will strike again?

[Source: Deadline]


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