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Liam Neeson originated the iconic role of Bryan Mills, a kick-ass black ops agent, in the blockbuster 2008 hit Taken. He went on to star in two sequels, and the trilogy brought in $374 million at the box office.

Now Taken is an NBC TV series, which premiered February 27th. Cliven Standen, the British actor known for his role as Rollo in , is taking over the role of Bryan Mills. He has some pretty big shoes to fill, but Neeson is helping with the transition.

Neeson recently offered some sound advice to Standen, who has the movie star's approval. In a new interview with E!, Standen recounted Neeson's suggestion for making the role his own:

Neeson added a little advice that would be beneficial to any television star taking on a blockbuster role:

"Don't forget Bryan's heart, because that's what fuels the whole film. He's just an everyman. He'll do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. He's not superhuman. He's just a man like all of us."

Standen agreed that the most important thing is giving the audience the ability to step into the drama with Mills — and giving the audience a reason to root for him, because his moral compass is correct.

The first reviews of the Taken series are out, and the show isn't quite what people imagined. Fans of the movie might be a little disappointed when expecting to see Bryan Mills acquire his particular set of skills; instead, Mills is already a one-man killing machine at the beginning of the series, which leads to his recruitment in a black ops division.

Still, the show has a strong premise, and it certainly has a head start in the ratings, being loosely tied to the beloved trilogy. There is no lack of action here, and that alone could be enough to have viewers tuning in.

Taken airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC.


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