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If you were a horror child of the late 80-90s I'm sure you tuned in every Saturday night to crack up at the crypt keepers witty puns - and, of course, to watch yet another ghoulish story unearthed from the fantastic comics. With star-studded guest appearances some being the biggest names in Hollywood, here's a list of celebs that left a spooky mark behind.

NOTE: Not ALL guest stars are included

Demi Moore

Season 2 Episode 1: "Dead Right"

The ever stunning Demi Moore made an appearance as a gold-digging secretary who all she wanted was to be rich and pampered. After consulting an extremely accurate fortune teller, she ends up marrying a grotesque man just for his money but it all backfires at the end.

Patricia Arquette

Season 2 Episode 9: "Four Sided Triangle"

Our favorite medium stars as a delusional farmhand who after suffering from a head injury starts to believe that an old and creepy scarecrow is her actual lover.

Whoopi Goldberg

Season 3 Episode 6: "Dead Wait"

Whoopi made her creeptastic debut as a mysterious voodoo priestess who knows more than meets the eye and even had the privilege to be personally interviewed by the crypt keeper himself.

Tom Hanks

Season 4 Episode 1: "None But The Lonely Heart"

Megastar Tom Hanks made a small cameo appearance as a video dating service owner as well as directing the episode himself, just goes to show that there are no small parts only small actors.

Christopher Reeve

Season 4 Episode 6: "What's Cookin?"

Our favorite and legendary superman Christopher Reeve guest stars as a restaurant owner who's down on his luck when his business isn't doing so well - until a drifter gives him the perfect secret recipe.

Brad Pitt

Season 4 Episode 9: "King of the Road"

Mega hunk Brad Pitt stars as a young bad boy street racer and all out James Dean wannabe with an urge to take revenge on an old racing legend.

Tim Curry

Season 5 Episode 1: "Death of Some Salesman"

Scream king legend Tim Curry takes on the role of not one, but three, strange and screwed up characters who as a family, despise cunning salesmen.

John Stamos

Season 5 Episode 13: "Till Death do we Part"

Ageless lothario John Stamos plays the part of a handsome stud involved with an older mob boss who will do anything and everything to keep her young man by her side.

Wayne Newton

Season 6 Episode 7: " The Pit"

Even the midnight idol himself Wayne Newton played the part of a ruthless promoter that pinned two martial artists against one another, thanks to the help of their conniving wives.

Daniel Craig

Season 7 Episode 9: "Smoke Wrings"

007 had the privilege of starring on his own horror short, Daniel Craig portrays a young man with an eerie device and an ex-partner out for bloodthirsty revenge.

Tales from the Crypt returns in 2017 thanks to writer/director M. Night Shyamalan as part of TNT's new two-hour horror block and it will keep its original horror anthology format. Let's just hope were lucky enough to see John Kassir revive the dusty bag of bones, I mean the crypt keeper.

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