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Recently, it was announced that would make her way to Star City. It is not, however, the first appearance of the character. She appeared briefly in in the episode "Left Behind." Presumably, this change happened because Katrina Law (who plays Nyssa al Ghul) went off to do another show. This works for me, as instead of recasting an already established role, they are simply working around it by introducing another character — much like they did with Vixen, who needed to be replaced for the same reason.

What may be an issue is what type of storyline they come up with for the character. Now, seeing as how takes heavily from the mythos, there are a few choice storylines they could pick from that would fit quite nicely into the show.

1. Daddy’s Little Girl

Talia could always follow in the footsteps of Ra's al Ghul and attempt to destroy Star City in order for it to rebuild from the ashes. It would run in line with literally every single season of Arrow thus far, which took it from . Malcolm Merlin wanted to destroy the Glades as it was the shitty part of town. Deathstroke wanted to destroy the whole city because Oliver loved it. Ra's wanted to destroy it because Oliver defied him. Damien Darhk wanted to destroy it so he could make way for a new Eden. In his defense though, he wanted to destroy the whole world, just starting in Star City.

is the Big Bad at this point and he has shown no aspirations of destroying the city — yet. Talia, I think, will mainly be doing her part to resurrect the League of Assassins that her sister Nyssa disbanded last season. I could really dig seeing that. The formation of a villainous organization as opposed to the destruction of a city would be a welcome change.

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2. Son Of Arrow

Image via DC Comics
Image via DC Comics

Last year on Legends of Tomorrow we got to see Conner Hawke. Not bad for what was presented, but not really what I wanted to see either. The race change was fine, I just didn’t care for the direction the character took. I would have been more content to see Diggle’s son grow up to be Spartan Jr. or whatever he decided to call himself rather than the . I’m a sucker for legacy characters and if that had happened I could have gotten two instead of just one. And both would have been ethnic characters as Conner Hawke is have Vietnamese and bisexual.

Enter Talia. Which is what Oliver Queen would have done at some point for this story to take place. They could establish that at some point, Oliver ran into Talia, had a one night-stand and then never seen her again. Later on, little Oliver Queen pops up, fully trained in the ways of the assassin and ready to work for dear old dad. The storyline would borrow heavily from Son of Batman and could set up flash-forward storylines for them to tell. They’re gonna have to come up with something for next year. He was only on the island for five years and that ends this year.

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3. Tower Of Talia

Image via DC Comics
Image via DC Comics

The show has been about Oliver not trusting his teammates for the last five seasons and this season is really no different. They just inserted a new bunch of heroes into the mix. Granted, the CW has already set up the four-night crossover for this year, but what if they plant the seeds for a future crossover like Tower of Babel, the infamous JLA storyline in which the League is taken out by contingency plans made by Batman.

Except Green Arrow does it this time. Stolen by Talia instead of Ra's, this could make for some great dramatic moments — all the other heroes taken down by their colleague and friend. It would shatter their very foundation and cause ripple effects through the entire universe. Of course, we have to find out who survives the first.

Final Thoughts

Talia al Ghul is a strong female character that has given Batman a run for his money for decades. She is as beautiful as she is deadly and would definitely be a thorn in Oliver’s side as well as the rest of team Arrow. This season has been pretty strong so far and I like the direction they have been going. We’ll just have to wait and see what Talia has in store for team green.

Can't wait for Wednesday? Here's a preview for next week's episode!

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