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If you heard the name Lone Survivor and immediately thought "oh, another dumping ground actioner", then think again...

This one is from Battleship director and is based on he true story about 'Operation Red Wing', the failed 2005 mission in which 10 SEAL team members were tasked with assassinating a Taliban member close to Osama Bin Laden. The title of the movie, which is adapted from Marcus Luttrell's bestselling book, gives you a pretty good idea of how it all turned out...

is in the lead, supported by one helluva cast, made up of , , and . And, according to these early reviews which just came in - it's going to be one big-screen banger.

Variety is calling it:

A scorching, often unbearably brutal account of a June 2005 military mission that claimed the lives of 19 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan's Kunar province.

TheWrap also points to the movie's tragedy, saying that:

Berg sets up the cathartic moments we're used to in movies like this, but then he pulls out the rug, reminding us that the cavalry doesn't always miraculously show up in time to save the day.

Similarly, BadassDigest comments on Berg's directing skills and some pretty questionable warfare representation:

Berg shoots their every wound - and they suffer dozens, because while it takes one or two bullets to kill an Afghani it takes ten just to slow an American down - with a loving attention that calls to mind 's The Passion of the Christ.

What do you guys think, will this be as kick-ass as Zero Dark Thirty? It will be interesting to see how you viewers will interpret Lone Survivor when it hits theaters on December 27, 2013. Let me know your initial thoughts in the comment section below!



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