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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Some things - or people - you just can't leave alone, even if you know they're not good for you. certainly can't get out of his mind. Hollywood Life reports that Rob and Kristen have been in close contact since their meet up, even though Kristen is in New York filming Anesthesia.

A source close to Rob and Kristen said:

Kristen and Rob have been in constant communication since she’s been in New York. They speak on the phone almost every day and also send each other texts and photos.

It seems that the Twilight lovers have the will to reunite, but it is unclear how successful this will be. It's obvious that the pair had a connection that they are unwilling to let go of. The source at Hollywood Life continued that Rob's friends and the Pattinson clan are unhappy about the prospect of a lasting reunion:

It’s still so unstable. They have a lot of baggage. Rob’s obsessed with her but he knows she’s not necessarily good for him and he knows a lot of his friends and his family are dead set against him taking her back.

So he doesn’t talk about it much because he’s embarrassed. And we have a right to be worried because we see how much she fu**s him up. The last time I was out with him, he was such a mess, and that’s what dealing with Kristen does to him.

An irresistible force is pulling the couple back together, and bystanders have no choice but to leave them to it. The source noted the sense of finality to Rob's feelings:

It’s not like [Kristen] makes his life better. But even though so many people are trying to talk him out of this, Rob is slowly but surely getting back together with her. He can’t help it, he just can’t quit her.

We've all had someone we just couldn't quit, right? They're still young, with plenty of time to make their own mistakes and learn from them. What do you guys think about a potential Rob/Kristen reunion?



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