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Mark Newton

Edwinn Starr once famously said war was good for nothing. Well, he's wrong. It's good for making movies. Movies such as 's upcoming WWII tank-athon, Fury.

Ayer has been busy tweeting pictures from the movie which sees , , , and crew a tank in the last days of World War II. Today we get a shot of LeBeouf in what appears to be a specially designed cut-away tank set. Check it out below:

I'm still going to withdraw judgement on this movie. Yes, the cast sounds impressive, while what we've seen of it so far certainly calls back to the gritty realism of movies such as Saving Private Ryan. However, the synopsis of a single tank battling against the odds behind enemy lines does sound a little bit too Hollywood-y for me.

What do you think? Are you excited to see Fury roll into action? Let us know below.


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