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Abi Toll

Not already emotionally exhausted by the end of Sons of Anarchy's 'Sweet and Vaded' episode? Zap2it have offered up a preview of episode 8, Los Fantasmas.

The episode kicks off with Gemma () already suspecting Tara () of faking her pregnancy, which also effects Jax () and SAMCRO in a big way.

Find out more about the drama below:

Jax will grant the hospitalized Tara's one request: to stay away from his mother. The president of SAMCRO is also more than happy to obey her.

Yet Jax's involvement with SAMCRO has attracted all sorts of trouble for him. We know that he needs to watch his step, as crossing Gemma would almost definitely finish their relationship.

Meanwhile, in other news, the club is still riding the wave of drama, where it seems as though Nero's () is going to spill all- but about who?

Jeez, it looks like season 6 episode 8 of Sons of Anarchy is set to be a tumultuous one, full of upset and outrage for it's characters.

But what do you want to see happen in the rest of the season?



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