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It was a disappointing year for fantasy RPG fans after Bethesda's 2017 E3 announcements. Yet again, the studio had zilch to say about a possible Elder Scrolls VI game. Talos be damned!

But a recent rumor of a possible Bethesda game might have made up for that. An open-world Game of Thones role playing game? Yes, please!

The rumor came from what looked to be a leaked listing on Target's website. So what's the verdict? Is an upcoming Game of Thrones title the real reason that Bethesda didn't mention Elder Scrolls VI at E3?

'Skyrim' [Credit: Bethesda]
'Skyrim' [Credit: Bethesda]

Is Bethesda Making A Game Of Thrones Game?

While Bethesda have remained mysteriously silent on the matter, a Target spokesperson did come forward with a response. And according to Forbes, it isn't exactly great news:

"This is not a real product – we’re sorry for any confusion."

Oh dear. Of course, Target could just be trying to cover their tracks following an accidental (or even intentional) leak. After all, you can't sell a product that hasn't been made yet, right? Right?!

To be fair, a Game of Thrones Bethesda title is pretty unlikely, if only for the fact that George R. R. Martin's fantasy universe is extremely similar to Skyrim. First of all, there's the frost dragons. Second of all, the Draugr are a little too close to White Walkers. And don't forget the never-ending political disputes across the many lands and kingdoms of Tamriel.

What About Those Other Upcoming Game Of Thrones Games?

While a Bethesda RPG might be off the table, there are still two confirmed Game of Thrones titles that are yet to be released.

Members of the PC elite are still eagerly awaiting the release of Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game that was announced five years ago. This is no doubt the closest thing fans are going to get to a Bethesda-style adventure title.

Masters of interactive narrative Telltale Games are also planning a sequel to their own successful Game of Thrones title released in 2014. The first game even featured some of HBO's own Game of Thrones stars as voice actors, including Peter Dinklage and Emilia Clarke.

Sadly, Telltale's Game of Thrones: Season 2 is still on hold. But considering the first season followed the TV show so closely, it's likely that the sequel will be released after HBO wraps the series in 2018.

Are you disappointed that Bethesda (probably) aren't making a Game of Thrones RPG?

(Source: Forbes)


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