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It really is the "spies" the limit when it comes to securing big Hollywood names for Matthew Vaughn's Kingsman movies. The recent release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle being a prime example, and going off-piste from Mark Millar's graphic novels, The Golden Circle took liberties to create its own cavalcade of colorful characters known as the Statesmen. Bulking the already impressive cast with the likes of Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry, and Channing Tatum, Vaughn certainly upped the star factor from 2014's first film.

With The Golden Circle managing to topple a certain creepy clown from the top of the box office and grabbing headlines for its graphic content, Vaughn's espionage extravaganza looks almost certainly destined to become a threequel. So, with all of Hollywood looking to the future of the Vaughnverse — and the director is hoping to continue his plans to make a Kingsman trio — who else could join the fray?

No Dwayne, No Gain

After taking over Hollywood with an IMDb page that even Chris Pratt would be jealous of, could the world of sharp-suited Kingsman put in their crosshairs? Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, lead actor revealed that he thinks Johnson is the perfect choice for Part 3's incoming villain:

“I know who the character is and it’s nothing like this actor, but I love Dwayne Johnson. I think he’s the right fit for it, but the villain role Matthew has described to me is not Dwayne Johnson.”

While Johnson might not fit Vaughn's current mould for the franchise's next Big Bad, some simple tinkering could soon sort that out. Otherwise, even with those bulging biceps, I'm sure a big dude like The Rock could be squeezed in as another Statesmen or another similar role.

Given Johnson's current reputation in Hollywood, his casting would neatly fit among the Kingsman's previous vile villains played by Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore. Also, let's not forget that while Johnson is usually the funny guy or the muscular hero these days, he has a fair few villain roles under his belt. At the very start of his peculiar acting career, the wrestling alumni played the Scorpion King in 2001's The Mummy Returns. Also remember that his entry to the Fast and Furious franchise was as antagonistic Agent Luke Hobbs, and last but not least, Johnson is still attached to play Black Adam in the DCEU. It seems that villainy runs in his veins.

We all know the Kingsman motto that "manners maketh the man," and is anyone out there really more manly than Johnson? As Hollywood's golden boy, it seems like sticking The Rock in any film is enough to attract fans in their droves. Of course, Egerton's casting is only a fan-casting, but it wouldn't be out of place to see if The Rock is "cooking" an interest in Kingsman 3.

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Should The Rock join 'Kingsman 3'?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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