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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

So, has the real-life Jacob, Mr himself, found himself a new ladyfriend?

Rumors, propagated by Perez Hilton himself, suggest that on Independence Day Lautner indulged in a kiss with a...wait for it...Greek Canadian actress , his co-star in Tracers. On the most-American of days, Jacob from Twilight makes a stand for globalization! Or just enjoys a smooch with a girl he has a crush on - perhaps slightly more likely.

"He was very affectionate with his dark-haired young lady friend. They were kissing, dancing and hugging in their private cabana area. They stayed the majority of the night, enjoying drinks and dancing till about 2 a.m", said the source.

So, let's get our inquisitive goggles out - is this the real thing? She better get ready for some hardcore Twihards, if it is - getting involved with this guy means you've got a lot of girls baying for your blood. Still, there's no photo of this and rumors suggest Lautner is currently hooking up with , another co-star in Tracers!

Tracers sounds like a veritable kissing merry-go-round! But also, let's remember - gossip columnists love to set one of the worlds most eligible, six-pack adorned men up with potential love interests, so this could all just be mere speculation. I reckon we need more firm evidence before we set the ball rolling on this one.

The Twihards amongst ya'll - is this the real thing? Is really hooking up with ? Peddle your theories below!


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