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Anne Parsons

Twilight's favorite werewolf, Taylor Lautner, is set to star in the second season of the BBC’s comedy Cuckoo.

The second season is going ahead after much speculation, since it was questioned whether the title character of the first season, Cuckoo, played by “Saturday Night Live” comedian Andy Samberg, would be unable to return due to his busy work schedule.

Instead, the producers have brought in Lautner, who will play a enigmatic young stranger who one day shows up in the town where Cuckoo is set.

BBC3 controller Zai Bennett said in Variety Magazine:

Cuckoo was one of BBC3′s most stand-out comedies, so I’m delighted to welcome it back with the addition of superstar Taylor Lautner joining the critically acclaimed Greg Davies and an outstanding British comedy cast for what will be one of the comedy treats of the year.

Executive producer Ash Atalla raved about it, saying

‘Cuckoo’ is one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been involved in. We can’t wait to come back bigger and better.

On 10 October 2013, it was announced that an American remake of Cuckoo would be made.

The BBC show is set to come out later this year.



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