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Mark Newton

We've just received fresh new speculation in the continuing saga of the and split up! Yep, that whole story still isn't over.

So the latest gossip is that Kristen has been hanging out a lot with none other than . I know, exciting right? According to an anonymous source, Kristen has been hanging out with Taylor especially since Rob has been increasingly sighted with . It turns out that in the inevitable post-relationship turmoil, Taylor chose to side with Kristen.

Kristen and Taylor continue to hang out with each other, where Taylor and Rob really don’t keep in touch at all.

Another source added:

Taylor's allegiances are definitely with Kristen. He is 110 percent on her side during the breakup.

While another source, (seriously how many of these guys are there?) had this insightful comment:

It's been hard, I mean she lost her best friend. She is still sad, but is trying to make the best of the situation.

There you have it, the shocking news that Kristen is hanging out with a friend during a tough time...

What do you think? If you was Rob and Kristen's friend, whose side would you take? Let me know below.


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