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Taylor Swift has joined the cast of The Weinstein Company's movie adaptation of The Giver.

The singer-songwriter is the latest member of the cast that features previously reported stars , , , , and . That makes the Grammy-winning Taylor Swift set to appear on the big-screen with some of the best company Hollywood has to offer!

An adaptation of Lois Lowry's popular and critically-acclaimed young adult novel, The Giver takes place in a dystopian future where all humans conform to a government-enforced phenomenon called 'Sameness.' In this world society runs like a machine, where citizens are genetically engineered and drugged to suppress emotions or 'Stirrings.'

With no sadness, suffering, or choice, citizens live in blissful ignorance of the full human experience. This changes for Jonas (Thwaites) when he is selected as the 'Receiver of Memory,' the sole keeper of all historical knowledge of life before the Sameness.

What are your initial thoughts on The Giver? Could it be the new Hunger Games? Looking forward to seeing Swift return to the big screen? Sound off below!

The Giver is set to be released in August 2014.



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