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Just think, while you been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty dirty cheats of the world, you could have been following April Gloria on Instagram. Just about everyone knows someone that resembles Taylor Swift at least a little bit, but this tow-headed cosplayer fits that red lip, classic look to a T(-Swift).

April — Nice to meet you. Where you been!?

April is a Kansas-based cosplay goddess, so if you're ever in the Sunflower State and spot Taylor Swift on the street, chances are, it's probably April. She's well aware of the resemblance and knows how to work a Taylor Swift cosplay.

She can totally pull off a chunky graphic sweater, just like Taylor.

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She still looks like Taylor in a red wig. Compare their images below. The REAL April Gloria is on the left, and her celebrity doppelgänger is on the right.

[Credit: (Left) April_Gloria via Instagram (Right) Big Machine/Republic]
[Credit: (Left) April_Gloria via Instagram (Right) Big Machine/Republic]

April even has two cats, just like Taylor. One is named Loki, which is the name of the Avengers character played by Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston. Coincidence!?!?

Seriously, how can two strangers look so much alike!?

Are we sure that they aren't actually the same person, leading a Hannah-Montana-style existence? Think about it. April Instagrammed a pumpkin pie...

And Taylor Instagrammed a pumpkin pie...

Just sayin'.

Then again, could Taylor pull off a Skyrim cosplay this flawlessly?

Probably not. Brava, April. Stay beautiful.


Do you think that April Gloria looks like Taylor Swift's twin?

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